All members are welcome to enjoy our interest groups or “sub-clubs,” although clubs may require reservations and/or additional payment. Please contact the sub-club leader for information on participating.

Our Interest Groups

Bingo Club

Leader: Kimberly Suberlak

Our bingo club meets on the fourth Saturday of the month, providing an hour of bingo to Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home residents. Members call the games, check cards and hand out prizes. We also assist those who need extra help marking numbers.

Board Game Club

Leader: Megan Wilitzer

Our board game club meets monthly to play games and socialize. Our members have a wide variety of interests and we love trying games we haven’t played before. We welcome gamers of all levels as well as spectators.

Book Club

Leader: Penny Keener

Our book club meets on the second Wednesday of the month, reading a new title each month based on member input. Previous book club selections include The Villa by Rachel Hawkins, The Summer Seekers by Sarah Morgan and Things I Wish I Told My Mother by Susan Patterson.

Coffee Club

Leader: Hannah Sanders

Our coffee club meets monthly, usually on a Monday or Tuesday, exploring the different coffee shops that Omaha has to offer. We aim to support local businesses and have visited places like veteran owned Hard Bean in La Vista and Green Bean Coffee in Millard.

Play Date Club

Leader: Staci Wonders

Our play date club meets once a month at various local parks and other locations around town. Previous activities included hiking at Fontanelle Forest, berry picking, splash pads and a visit to Offutt Fire and Rescue.

Quilting Club

Quilting Club

Leader: Molly Phillips

Our quilting club meets on the third Thursday of the month. In addition to working on personal projects, each year our quilters create a patriotic themed quilt that is raffled at the OESC Holiday Bazaar, our largest fundraiser of the year.

Walking Club

Leader: Sarah Copeland

Our walking club meets once a month, rotating between various trails and local hot spots. Previous locations have included Haworth Park, Walnut Creek, and The River Front.

Previous interest groups include: Wine Night, “Biggest Loser” club, and gun club. Interest groups dissolve once the activity has concluded or there is no longer enough interest to continue regular meetings.

Any member in good standing may start an additional interest group, as long as it is in good taste and does not conflict with our bylaws or governing policies.