The Offutt Enlisted Spouses Club Board of Governor consists of Executive Board and chairs of standing committees. Our current standing committees are bazaar, community outreach, fundraising, membership, publicity, scholarship and Winter Wonderland. The OESC also has a budget committee that serves April-June, financial review committee that serves May-July and a nomination that serves February-April with the chair and members defined in the bylaws.

The OESC shall create as many standing and/or ad hoc committees as necessary to carry out the business of the organization. Each standing committee shall consist of a chair, vice chair and as many other members as deemed necessary by the chair.  In June, or when vacant, the president will appoint chairs with Executive Board approval, and the chair can name a vice chair. 

Our Board of Governors meets at least three times from June 1-May 31.

Our 2023-2024 Board of Governors

President: Katie Williams

Vice President: Sarah Copeland

Secretary: Courtney Carlson

Treasurer: Shara Coles

Assistant Treasurer: Chryzelle Harris

Parliamentarian: Jamie Moore

Bazaar Chair: Christine Turincs

Community Outreach Chair: Kimberly Suberlak

Financial Review: Shara Coles (always chaired by the Treasurer)

Fundraising Chair: Caiti McElroy

Membership Chair: Kim Mach

Nominations Chair: Jamie Moore (always chaired by Parliamentarian)

Publicity Chair: vacant

Scholarship Chair: Molly Phillips & Gina Crudden

Winter Wonderland Chair: Lacey Kiefer & Tabitha Costanza

Did you know?

At the February General Membership Meeting, the parliamentarian will request members to serve on the nominating committee. The committee shall consist of two members from the membership and two members from the Board of Governors, none of whom are seeking an elected office. The committee puts together the slate for the Executive Board elections.